Tea Party Movement: Racism in Politics

Tea Party Movement ignites racism in politics.

By: Amanda Anderson

After such an intriguing presidential election, and after watching the country gain its first African American President, it should come as no surprise that the political climate of this country is still intense. President Obama is still very much the same polarizing figure he was when he first stepped onto the political scene a few years ago, and he invokes such passionate debate from both sides of the political spectrum. While most of us may be happy that we have gotten to a place in this country where a black man could actually be President, it is still evident that everyone is not so quick to push aside hate when debating political matters. And that is my greatest problem with the Tea Party Movement.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why racist sentiments had to be screamed during the protest against Obama’s health care reform. I can’t understand why such a respected Civil Rights icon such as Senator Joe Lewis had to be called the “N” word just because there are people in this country who hate Obama’s health care bill.

And yes, I am blaming the Tea Party leaders for allowing their political shenanigans to get so out of control that a black man who is someone’s father, husband, and hero had to be spit on and called a word that should have died 400 years ago with slavery.

Why didn’t the Tea Party leaders stop the racist sentiments? Why did they allow hateful signs at their political rallies if they are not about racism (as they claim on the major networks)? No, you can’t control every racist idiot in this country, but you don’t have to let those bastards in at your political rallies either.

We are all people, right? We are human beings all created by the same entity and human beings who are all deeply affected by the scarcity of health care. Regardless of what the Republican Party or any racist idiot truly believes, cancer and disease is not stricken to one racial group. What happened to my family member can very well happen to your family member. Illness has no particular racial preference. We are all dying from a broken health care system that favors the big time insurance companies over the people. Why have people been suffering for years because they were sick? And that is the real problem.

As a journalist, I’m all about free speech. But when you decide to invoke hate in your protests, don’t expect me to respect your opinion. I have a deaf ear to hateful people because they alone are responsible for the deterioration of this country. Ignorance alone has caused me to have a deaf ear for anyone that is a member of the Tea Party movement. All I see is racist people who finally have an avenue to display their anger for a black family in their White House. And with them, it really isn’t about the issues. If it was really about the issues, they would not want the health care system that is responsible for killing so many people and ruined so many lives to stay the same. That is why they have no solution. I’m all about the people, and every single one of them deserves health care. And if that costs billions of dollars, I’m all for it. Hey, those “weapons of mass destruction” that we never found were worth all the lives of those honorable people and billions of dollars, right?

So if you want to talk politics, talk politics. But don’t you dare tear down my people.

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