Tips to a Peaceful Spring: Take Control of Your Allergies

5 tips that will make your allergies more manageable this season.

By: Amanda Anderson

Spring is here, and while the weather may be beautiful, there’s nothing beautiful about allergies. Most of us will be sneezing, wheezing, and plain out miserable before the season ends. There are numerous causes behind your allergic woes, but rest assured that you can enjoy the season if you handle them as early as possible. If you don’t, you could spend a majority of your time miserable and indoors from the severity of your allergies. And that is the last way anyone wants to spend one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

Before you run to a drug store near you, here are some additional tips that can make your allergies a lot more manageable.

1. Eat right.

Believe it or not, the right foods can dramatically decrease the severity of your allergies. Foods that contain antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids are great for those who have pretty intense allergies. Fish contains plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, and there are numerous supplements available as well that contain these ingredients.

Also try to avoid the consumption of foods such as apples, pears, and hazelnuts as they naturally cause throat irritation that can lead to itchy throats. In the spring time, this minor irritation will become major for those who are already battling seasonal allergies.

2. Watch the clock.

If your allergies are horrible, there are certain times of the day that you should avoid any outdoor activities that will require you to be outside for longer periods of time. If you want to exercise outdoors, it is best to exercise in the evening hours. Evening hours are best because the pollen count is generally lower during these hours. Also try to refrain from going outdoors on days that the pollen count is extremely high. Watch your local news to hear the pollen count in your area.

3. Eyes, Nose, and Hope.

Most of the time, our allergy problems can be prevented if we keep certain parts of our bodies clean. When it comes to allergies, your eyes and nose will play a huge factor in how much you will be affected this season.

Use eye drops to clean your eyes out daily. By doing this, you will effectively rinse out any particles that can cause allergic irritation. Also be sure to use nose drops as well so you can gently rinse out any dust or pollen residue that can cause sneezing. Be sure to contact your doctor to find out which brands are safe and effective for you to use.

4. It’s in the air.

Most of the allergic particles are transmitted through the air. So those that have severe allergies need to make sure that the air is a clear as possible. Although the weather will be hot, keep you car windows up. This will lower the chances of collecting any particles of pollen in your car and clothing. When using air conditioning, be sure to set the air conditioner on recirculate to block pollen. Also change the filter frequently for all air conditioning units in your home. For the best results, consider a central air-filtration system.

Follow these simple tips, and you will be on your way to a fabulous (and allergy free) season.

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