Beyond The Classroom: Educating Children Is Not Just A Teacher’s Job

Do We Hold Teachers Solely Responsible For Educating Our Children?

By: Taren Vaughan

Throughout our years of schooling, one of the main groups of people involved in our educational experiences is our teachers. Teachers are responsible for providing students with the knowledge that they need in order to have successful academic careers. They can also act as our personal mentors, giving us sound advice on which career paths to take. The school system holds teachers accountable for educating students. But should teachers be held solely responsible for educating them?

Concerning younger students, some parents feel as though educators should be fully responsible for teaching their children. They argue that their children spend the majority of the day with their teachers. Because of this, their kids should be learning everything that they need to know during school hours.

So should your child’s learning process stop once they leave the classroom?

It absolutely should not. As a parent, you should continuously involve your children in educational activities. By doing so, you improve the child’s understanding of what they have gained from their teachers. Sometimes, a parent’s attempt to enhance their child’s knowledge is not always an easy task. Especially considering the fact all teachers are not the cream of the crop.

Unfortunately, there are educators who do not do a good job of explaining material to their students. Certain factors can play a part in how affective a teacher is when it comes to educating. It could be because their teaching style is not appealing to their students. Or maybe the student is just not comprehending the subject. Once again, this is where the parents come in.

If your child does not understand a particular subject, get them a tutor. Now granted some tutoring services can be relatively expensive but there are affordable tutoring services offered through the school system. In addition to getting tutors, parents themselves should also find time to help their children with their class work.

Even though a teacher’s job is to educate, they should not be held fully responsible for doing so. Now teachers can have a huge impact on the success of a child. They have the power to change someone who cared nothing about school into a top honors student. Although this is true, a parent should never take a backseat when it comes to their child’s education. Parents should care about their children’s academic progress more than they care about their child’s success in sports or any other extracurricular activities.

This is not to say that these other activities are not important because they are. But an education is something that can not be taken away from us. The mind is a powerful weapon. The knowledge that we gain from school can be used to open up many doors for us. Having a good education is so vital to one’s overall success. Both teachers and parents should make a joint, yet equal, effort to improve children’s learning experiences.

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