Inner Beauty: Is Personality More Important Than Physical Appearance?

Should A Person’s Looks Outweigh Their Personality?

By: Taren Vaughan

When you meet someone for the first time, there are certain things that you notice about them. The way they are dressed, their body type, height, hair and facial features. We recognize all of the things that make up their physical appearance. In some people’s eyes, someone’s looks can determine how dateable they are. These opinions are often formed before the person even opens their mouth to speak. Therefore, we know nothing about their personality. Should we focus on a person’s looks over their personality?

We are living in a society where people focus all of their attention on someone’s outer appearance. Mainstream media plays a part in developing people’s opinions of what beauty is. Numerous celebrities are recognized as being “the most beautiful people in the world.” We have even resorted to generating lists where celebrity figures are ranked based on their looks. And we wonder why when it comes to who we chose to date; people have a tendency to be very shallow.

When you are searching for your soul mate, having a great personality should definitely be at the top of your list. Of course you would like to have a partner that you are physically attracted to. Who wouldn’t want that? But you should not want a person’s looks to be the sole reason why you are in a relationship with them. Always know that looks fade with time. You should not want to settle for a trophy wife or husband. These people are appealing to the eye but can’t hold an intelligent conversation to save their lives.

Now let’s be honest. We have all been guilty of focusing on a person’s physical attributes. It is a natural instinct and quite frankly, these are the first things we see. An individual’s personality is not plastered on their forehead for the world to see. It takes time to learn the behavior and character of a person. But if a person’s looks are not to your liking, are you willing to even consider giving them a chance?

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