The King’s Home: T.I. Talks About His Upcoming Album

Rapper T.I. tells us what to expect from his new album

By: Taren Vaughan

The rap game has been missing one of its southern heavyweights for over a year now. But now he’s back and ready to hit the studio full force.

Rapper T.I. informed fans that he will be releasing a new album in late August. Although “Paper Trail” was a huge success, T.I. says that this album will hit a little harder. Here’s what he had to say about his new upcoming album in comparison to “Paper Trail”:

“‘Paper Trail’ was a lot more about thoughts; this is more about feelings. This is significantly more aggressive, or at least at this period in production”

Tip says that this album will remind fans of “classic T.I.”. And when I think of “classic T.I.”, his debut album “I’m Serious” comes to mind. If his new project is anything like that album, it will definitely be a hit.

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