Coco Chanel: The Legend

Breakdown of one of fashion’s greatest designers of all time.

By: Amanda Anderson

Fashion changes every season, and trends continuously come and go. Designers create historic collections, and runways continue to set the standards in the world of style. Every once in a while a legendary and innovative figure will make an impact in fashion that no one will ever forget. These legends create dynasties and their sheer innovation will live even decades after their death. Many up-and-coming fashion designers look to these influences to inspire their latest collections, and they dream of leaving everlasting pieces such as the icons have done over time. When one speaks of a true fashion icon, Coco Chanel can never go without an honorable mention. While she may no longer be living, her fashion empire is very much in the forefront of fashion as it was while she was the overseer of the company. Here are some of the greatest gifts that Coco Chanel has left the world of fashion.

1. Opera Length Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are one of the only pieces of fashion that will never go out of style. Classic and timeless, pearls represent the softest side of femininity and are practically unfazed by any fashion trend. Chanel knew the timelessness of pearls, and used her gift of innovation to take pearls to a place they had never been before.

In earlier times, pearls had to be completely genuine. Women were to never be caught in fake jewelry, and no woman wanted to walk around without a string of pearls.

Chanel did the unthinkable. While most jewelry designers kept pearl necklaces short and conservative, Chanel decided to make them bold by adding length. While the length was a tad bit more dramatic, she also included fake pearls to add style to her pieces. The mixture of fake and genuine pearls created the classic “Opera” length pearl necklace. The layered necklaces are still a crucial part in fashion decades later.

2. The Little Black Dress

Every woman has one, and we all know that the LBD is one of the most important pieces to any woman’s wardrobe. Coco Chanel was the innovative designer behind one of the most classic pieces of fashion.

During this era, most women shied away from shorter dresses. Daring to be different, Chanel created the first ever Little Black Dress. This first ever cocktail dress captivated women everywhere. Women found the confidence to show off a little more of their legs thanks to Chanel’s fearlessness.

3. The Chanel Suit

From the First Ladies to Hollywood “It” Girls, there isn’t a woman alive who didn’t want a Chanel suit. Loved for its sophistication and genuine style, these pieces are a classic signature of the luxury label.

4. Chanel No. 5

Created in 1922, Chanel No. 5 continues to be one of the top selling fragrances. Chanel may have firm positioning in the cosmetics industry, but the scent has a staying power that continues to be a favorite among generation after generation.

One of the reasons Chanel continues to be one of the most highly regarded figures in fashion even after her death, is her amazing ability to create classic pieces that never seem to go out of style. Chanel didn’t follow or create the fashion trends like most designers do, she created classic pieces that will be adored for decades to come. This is a rare gift that sets Chanel apart from other designers and the one thing that every designer hopes to accomplish with their latest collections. Her pieces are proof that good fashion is anything but trendy, and never seems to go out of style.

As fashion continues to change and ultimately repeat, Chanel’s status as a fashion icon will never be disputed. She will continue to be one of the greatest influences in fashion, and an icon that we will never forget.

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