Doctor Refuses To See Patients That Voted For Obama

A Florida doctor places a sign on his door asking Obama supporters to find another doctor.

By: Amanda Anderson

President Obama’s Health Care bill is still causing controversy, and it was only passed a few weeks ago. While both political parties can’t seem to agree on the best method to health care reform, the country is still divided on the polarizing issue. And unfortunately, not only have the people been divided, even the doctors have taken sides on the debate. While it may be reasonable to choose a side during the political warfare, some doctors have gone further than just having opinions. And for one doctor in Florida, disgust for the bill’s passing is enough to refuse to see patients.

A Central Florida urologist has placed a sign on his office door advising Heath Care Reform supporters to find another doctor. Dr. Jack Cassell has no interest in treating any patients offering different political views on the health care conversation.

That’s right. If you agree with President Obama’s health care bill, Dr. Cassell doesn’t want you anywhere near his office.

The infamous sign reads:

“If you voted for Obama, seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes in your
healthcare begin right now, not four years later.”

I’m sure it is no surprise that this doctor is an active member of the Republican Party. Cassell also provides patients with Republican based reading material in the waiting room.

While it may seem bold and idiotic, the office is located in Mount Dora, a small town located just outside of Orlando. With a population of only 10,000 people, the town is heavily conservative.

In a recent interview, Cassell when discussing rather refusing to see patients due to their political beliefs is ethical, the doctor stated the following:

“That would be unethical.”

The doctor states that he really just wants Democrats to see the sign and find another doctor.

Civil law prevents patient discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. However, it does not prevent the discrimination of patients due to political views.

While it’s clear that the doctor wants to send a message to Democrats, he hasn’t actually refused to see any patients. Cassell feels the sign is permitted by his rights if he refrains from talking politics to patients or refuses to see anyone.

And honestly, this is the problem with politics. Politics has divided the country and invoked some of the highest level of hate I have ever seen. To make a sign like this asking people to see another doctor if they disagree with your political views, demonstrates the flaws of our nation. As a doctor, he should take the Hippocratic Oath more seriously. If he doesn’t see the need to, maybe he should just become a politician. He’d fit right in with every other ignorant, sleazy, and hateful politician that cares more about ideology than the people. Besides, most politicians don’t care about anyone but themselves. What’s the difference?

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