Does Alcohol Cause Heart Disease?

Studies show that alcohol can cause heart disease.

By: Amanda Anderson

Most of us see alcohol as a crucial aspect of our social lives. We may have a few drinks with close friends or only have a glass of wine on special occasions. While we may not see alcohol as anything more than a social necessity, there are others who see alcohol as a much needed outlet to get through the stresses of life. These individuals will find themselves trapped in a very dangerous addiction that has the potential to ruin their lives. Everyone won’t find themselves involved in a life full of alcohol abuse, but alcohol poses additional danger other than the risk of developing addiction. Studies show that alcohol can actually cause heart disease: the number one killer of all women.

Years ago scientists and doctors concluded that alcohol could prevent heart problems. They suggested that a glass of red wine a day could prevent all kinds of dangerous heart conditions. Millions of Americans have taken heed to the advice, but studies now show that those who drink slightly larger amounts of alcohol daily are more likely to develop heart disease.

According to the studies, three or more drinks a day puts a person at risk of being diagnosed with heart disease. Drinking more than three drinks a day has a dramatic and toxic effect on the heart. These risks are incredibly higher for women verses men.

Women simply metabolize alcohol differently from men. According to research, one alcoholic beverage in a woman is equal to two in a man’s body. Alcohol remains in a woman’s body much longer than a man’s.

Age also plays a factor. The older we get, the less efficient our bodies are in metabolizing alcohol. So as you get older, the more likely you will be to develop heart disease by consuming more than three drinks daily.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, be aware that your body simply handles alcohol differently than a man’s. Try to keep your number of drinks reasonable, and try to avoid having drinks daily. If you must have a glass of wine with dinner each day, be sure not to exceed three glasses.

A healthy heart is key to a long and healthy life.

Source: Women’s Heart Foundation

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