Perfect In Public: Are All Couples As Happy As They Appear To Be?

Don’t be fooled, that picture perfect couple may be putting on a front

By: Taren Vaughan

It’s that time of year again. The warm weather has rolled back around and love is in the air. People you know are getting into relationships left and right. Some of them are even taking trips down the aisle. Every couple around you seems to be so happy. But is it all just an illusion? Is everyone who is involved in a relationship as happy as they appear to be?

We have all seen those couples who look so adorable together. Holding hands and smiling all in each other’s faces all the time. They appear to be so inseparable. A true match made in Heaven. Come to find out, the two “lovebirds” are not nearly as thrilled to be together as one might think. Behind closed doors, the real relationship begins to surface. The couple that seemed flawless in the public eye is now at each other’s throat. Needless to say, these people are incredible actors. They make everyone around them believe that they are happy in their relationship.

Although a couple may look like they are so happy to be together, that is not always the case. Some people put on fronts in public. They pretend like they are in total bliss with their partners. But in actuality, they are completely miserable. They barely like being around their significant other and would much rather spend their time elsewhere.

So why do these people pretend like their relationships are so wonderful?

Nobody wants outsiders in their personal business. Therefore, couples try their best to cover up the realities of their relationships. They put on the fake smiles in front of all their friends so that they don’t suspect that anything negative is going on in the partnership. They have successfully convinced you and everyone else that their relationship is indeed picture perfect. Believe it or not, some people get so good at pretending that they and their partner have fooled their own selves into thinking that they are living in paradise.

One thing that we should realize is that every relationship that seems to be great could be everything but. Your homegirl’s “prince charming” may be a total jerk once he removes himself from the social spotlight. You just never know what the case may be. We are so caught up in how happy people look together and forget that there may be some underlying issues going on that we don’t know about. So before you become envious of someone’s relationship, make sure you know the real truth about it. Things are not always as great as they appear to be.

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