Students Should Learn Black History Year Round

The study of our history should not be limited to the month of February

By: Taren Vaughan

When it comes to the subjects that we are taught in school, the list can be quite long. From learning mathematical equations to mastering how to form complete sentences, students gain knowledge in multiple areas. But there is one area in particular that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. And that is black history.

For many years, schools have incorporated some form of black history into course curriculums. Depending on how the class is designed, a teacher may have their students do research projects on notable African Americans. Although this is true, black history has been and remains under emphasized in course outlines. Some teachers claim that the amount of material that they are required to cover is very time consuming. Because of this, they can only reserve a small portion of time for the study of black history. Sounds like an excuse doesn’t it? Aren’t the life long struggles and successes of our ancestors worth talking about?
I am tired of black history courses being treated like elective courses. A black history class should not be grouped with dance or theater classes. Black history courses should be mandatory for students at all grade levels. We are required to take math, science and English classes so why can’t we be required to take classes centered around African American history?

Some may argue the fact that we have a whole month dedicated to African American history. They think we should be satisfied with the fact that an entire month is dedicated to us. A whole 28 days to celebrate the achievements of our brothers and sisters. Here is the deal with black history month. Yes, it is absolutely wonderful that someone thought enough of our people to designate one month out of the year to focus on our heritage and accomplishments as a whole. But is that really enough?

Black history touches not only African Americans but people outside of our culture. We are always discovering new inventions, and now holding the highest positions in politics. Our people are a very unique and driven group of individuals. Recognition of our greatness should not be limited to the month of February. We should be praised year round for the things that we have done and they lives that we have changed.

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