The Working Mother: Can She Balance Her Career and Family Life?

Should a woman have to give up her whole career for her family?

By: Taren Vaughan

As a member of the working world, it can be challenging to start your career. In order to have a successful one, it takes hard work and dedication. Most of all, it requires time commitment. Even single people can have a tough time balancing their careers along with other important aspects of their lives. If this is often difficult for the unwed, imagine how stressful it can be for a person who is married, namely a married woman.

In this day and age, women’s lives are no longer centered around domestic chores. We have begun to be more involved in the corporate world. More of us are getting job positions that require us to work full day shifts. For some women, their regular work day does not end until late in the evening. This can pose a problem for women who have children. Working long hours can limit the time that they get to attend those dance recitals and championship basketball games. It can become even more difficult when a woman’s husband works similar hours. What happens in this type of scenario?
Cornell University researcher Youngjoo Cha found that in a situation where a woman’s husband works 60 hours or more per week, she will be more inclined to leave her job. Cha also found that men were less likely to resign from their jobs when both they and their wives worked long shifts.
Is it fair for the woman to have to sacrifice her career goals for her family? Why can’t her husband be the one to put his career on pause?
The obvious answer is because men are supposed to be the heads of our households. And as the heads, they feel that if only one adult can work long hours, it should be them. Be that as it may, that still does not mean that a man’s wife can not do the same for herself. She too can continue on with her career and keep her house and children in line.
Being a full time employee, wife and mother can be very overwhelming at times but it can definitely be done. A woman can manage to have an outstanding career and take good care of her family at the same time. She should never feel that have she has to choose between the two. Having a strong support system can help her maintain her household while excelling in the work place.

Source: CIOL News

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