Russell Simmons Participates In Anti-Violence Rally In New Jersey

Hip-Hop mogul supports an important cause in the city of Trenton, New Jersey

By: Taren Vaughan

This past Saturday, Trenton, New Jersey mayor Doug Palmer and Russell Simmons led a group of men in a peace march through a local neighborhood in the city. The march took place where a young girl from the area was said to have been gang raped.

New Jersey police officers claimed that a 15-year old girl attended a house party with her 7-year old stepsister. The girl engaged in sexual activity with the men present at the party in exchange for money. The saddest part is that she prostituted her younger stepsister as well, allowing the men to touch on her inappropriately which soon turned into a case of involuntary sex.

The march was later followed by an anti-violence rally where attendees spoke on issues surrounding violent crimes involving the teenage population in the community.

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