Beyonce’s Mom Tina Knowles Addresses Gossip and Raising Two Stars

By: Amanda Anderson

One can only imagine what it’s like to be the Mother of one of music’s biggest stars. Tina Knowles, mother of Beyonce and Solange Knowles, is making it known that it is anything but easy being a celebrity mother to a star that can’t seem to stay out the tabloids. As private as Beyonce may be, it still doesn’t help the fact that she is one of ever media’s favorite celebrities. In a recent interview with Momlogic, Tina Knowles reveals the gritty truths of the stresses the lifestyle really brings.

On her relationships with the Beyonce and Solange:

“I am very fortunate that I have such close relationships with both of my daughters. I not only enjoy a really great friendship with both my girls, but also a close mother-daughter bond as well.”I enjoyed a close relationship with my mother, who set a wonderful example. As such, I have always tried to be as open and honest as possible with the girls growing up. I let them know they could always come to me with anything — and I would be there to support them.”

On the tabloids and gossip blogs:

“Hearing untrue rumors and protecting them from the negative side of the entertainment industry is the biggest challenge. It can be exhausting.”

On the establishment of the House of Dereon fashion empire:

“Beyoncé, Solange and my adopted daughter, Kelly Rowland, and I have always bonded over fashion. We spent hours poring over the latest fashion magazines and rummaging through the local fabric stores for fabrics and notions when they were growing up. I am sure they have stories to share over the many hours spent in those fabric stores!”

On raising children:

“First, realize that children don’t come with an instruction book. Trust me: You will make mistakes, and the important thing is to admit that you are human and not perfect and [to not] take it personally. Rebelliousness is normal when children are finding their own independence.[But] this too shall pass.”

It’s pretty clear that Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles have an extremely close relationship. Hopefully Beyonce can give her wonderful mother some more grandchildren pretty soon (when she’s ready of course).

For the entire interview, click here.

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