Beyonce Shocks World With Her ‘Vulgar’ T-Shirt

Beyonce’s vulgar T-Shirt makes the headline news.

By: Amanda Anderson

Can you notice the hint of sarcasm in the title? Gee I hope so. Everyone is talking about the surprise appearance Beyonce made at hubby Jay Z‘s performance at the Coachella music festival. While the surprise appearance itself originally had the media outlets going insane, more people are talking about the rather interesting t-shirt Beyonce was spotted wearing.

If you look closely, you will notice that the t-shirt reads phrases like “Punk A** Mother F*cker” and “Girls On Top.”

Apparently people can’t believe Bey would wear such a vulgar shirt. I for one can’t understand why anyone really cares too much about the shirt. Beyonce is almost 30 years old, I’m pretty sure this isn’t her first time wearing a vulgar t-shirt. Better yet, I’m pretty sure she drops a few f-bombs in the privacy of her own home. Vulgar shirts aren’t my style, but I definitely don’t think it’s earth shattering either. I’ve seen shirts worse than that.

To each it’s own.


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