Caught In The Middle: Should You Have To Choose Between Your Family And Your Significant Other?

Is sacrificing your own happiness more important than maintaining a relationship with your family?

By: Taren Vaughan

In a relationship, one begins to develop that special bond with their significant other. As time passes, you all become closer to one another. Developing this strong foundation with your significant other is not always an easy thing to do. It is even harder to accomplish when your family members do not support your relationship. Should a person have to sacrifice their relationship with their relatives in order to be with their spouse?

Many of us have been caught in the middle of feuding parents and spouses. At times, they just can’t seem to get along with each other. It may even get to the point where the most joyous occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving turn into disastrous gatherings.

Who wants to have to deal with that nonsense?

Having a spouse or significant other that does not see eye to eye with your family members can put a serious strain on your relationship. This puts you in an awkward situation. You start to feel like you have to take sides. Relationships alone are hard enough to be in without your relatives adding their own dose of drama to it. These relatives in particular are most likely going to be your immediate family members.

Your siblings may have their opinions about who you should be with. But your parents are the main ones who thoroughly survey your potential life partner. Even as an adult, your mother and father think they know what’s best for you. And if they are not pleased with your significant other, they will make it a point to tell you exactly that. If you refuse to grant their wishes, you may not hear from them for awhile. Some parents express their utter disgust for your union that they refuse to be a part of your wedding. Better yet, they may not even attend it at all.

Could you imagine getting married without your parents there to support you?

As unbelievable as it may be, there are plenty of people who miss out on their son or daughter’s weddings because their stubbornness and disapproval of their child’s spouse kept them from attending.

Does it ever get to the point when you have to ask yourself “Is it really worth all this?”

Boyfriends and even sometimes husbands come and go. But your family will always be your family. No matter how many arguments you get into or how many times they upset you, these people will always have your back. Although your family members are there through it all, should they have a say so when it comes to who you marry or date?

The choice should be up to you. You will ultimately be the one who has to put up with the person. Of course, there will be people that you bring home that aren’t to your parents’ liking. But that is something that they will have to get over. Our parents’ opinions do matter to us to a certain extent. But the final decision on who to date rests solely in our hands. The only way a family member should attempt to interfere in your relationship is if they think that your life is in danger. Other than that, they should learn to tolerate and respect your partner and your decision to be with that person.

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