Feminizing and Fashioning “Throughs” for the Short Fro Blues

By: Tiffany Jones

Many of those who have chosen the path to naturalhood via THE BIG CHOP have had to endure several common obstacles during the short stage. For some, it’s the battle of boredom. At some point, the short fro or the wash n’ go may become a bit too mundane, sparking feelings of groundhog’s day — same do different day. Then, there is the good ole’ identity crisis, where some may look in the mirror and feel their lack of mane creates too much of a masculine appeal. If either is the case, there are some common tips, known all too well by fellow choppers, that can help make this frustrating period a chance for creativity and self-expression.

To feminize you must accessorize: The short stage may seem limiting in a lot of ways, but you should see it as the chance to discover, or rediscover, why being a woman can actually be fun. Accessories can actually turn a borderline blah outfit into a fashion statement, and it can be the easiest means to create or express individual style. From scarves and headbands to combs and clips, interchanging some of these simple items can make a near boyish look read more feminine and stylish. You can also opt for the combination of a scarf and headband, known as the “Switch-a-Roo,” which is great for tying back short hair and giving yourself a little change from the standard fro. And what is the #1 secret to adding dimension to your now bare face? Earrings. Play with shapes, colors, and sizes. You may find certain styles of ear wear that you’d never invest in (either because it just didn’t suit you or you didn’t feel you could pull them off) will be your new security blanket.

Make up your mind to enhance what you have: Cosmetics may seem to be an obvious fix, so there’s no need to harp on why make up equals a hint of femininity. It’s more necessary to help point out some great tips and products that newly naturals can use. As suggested with your accessories, you now have time to understand what cosmetics work for you. No longer do you have to rush and slap on the gloss or apply a quick smudge of mascara. You now have the chance to play; particularly with colors, products, and methods.

As with your accessories, you must experiment with color, as this is more of personal preference. As far as products go, the world of cosmetics has expanded ever so much that we have as much variety for natural lines in foundations and shadows as we do for shampoos and conditioners. Though a tad bit on the expensive side, Bella Terra as stated on their product website, is an “all natural mineral makeup that is designed for even the most sensitive and susceptible skin types”. What’s great about this line is its offerings of shimmers, which are a buffet of color. And it’s actually multiple products in one! These pigments can be used as a creamy eye shadow, lip color, liner, polish, or body shimmer. So what if you no clue how to apply an ounce of makeup. Guess what? You now have time to learn! You’re already going to YouTube for hair tips, so stick around and learn about various makeup tricks. The value of learning how to create a clean, smoky or dramatic eye can give you enough change and creativity to bear through the boredom. And, it can take you from a great professional day look to a look that’s screaming a night-on-the-town. The key is not to cover but enhance.

Choose to be groomed: Even if you’re not a lover of cosmetic coverage, the difference between a face that sports clean or arched brows versus those that aren’t so tamed is absolutely amazing. Without even a drop of makeup, this quick, simple, and often inexpensive grooming process can add that extra glam to even the barest of faces. And speaking of bare faces, the health of your skin should also parallel the importance for growing healthy hair. Just as it is encouraged to use all natural products to moisturize and clean your natural hair, these same products can be useful towards developing radiant skin. Using sugar as an exfoliate, jojoba oil as a make-up remover (it’s great as a toner as well), or honey as a mask are just some of the products Mother Nature has allowed us to enjoy both in our kitchens and on our vanity tables. And since you no longer have hair as the central focal point, your face will capture all the attention. Your bone structure, your skin, and your eyes will seem to command more respect now that they are no longer hidden and secondary to your hair rituals. You now have the extra time, so there’s no excuse not to be good to these areas! Embrace your face!

If there is nothing else you can gleam from this spout of tips, tricks, and trades; take a new sense of play with you. Time is now on your side. You’re probably accustomed to spending so much time processing, blow drying, flat ironing and even re-flat ironing, potentially on a daily bases. You now have more to time to invest in the little things. Your hair is just one side of you. There is more of you to love and now show off!

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