Get The Look: The Smokey Eye

Love the smokey eye look? Here’s how you can create it in 6 easy steps.

By: Amanda Anderson

Spring may call for lighter tones, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that belles can’t get a little bolder with our make-up choices. And what better way to go bold than with the smokey eye? Always in season, the smokey eye still remains one of beauty’s most requested looks. We still see it on the red carpets, and it still looks great with one of your favorite cocktail dresses, or even your favorite little black dress. So before you daringly attempt to create the Smokey Eye look for your night out on the town with your closest girlfriends, here are a few tips to get the smokey eye look you have been dreaming of.

1. Prep your lids to get the best results.

So who really likes the crease look? Oh you know what I am talking about. That hideous look we accidentally create because we didn’t manage to keep our eyelids oil-free isn’t the look you want to create this time around, now is it? So how do you get that oil under control?

A great eye shadow base is crucial in preventing any troubles with creases. Also referred to as “primer,” these are extremely easy to find anywhere make-up is sold. For the MAC lovers, you can always use “MAC Paint.” But don’t worry my budget belles, just about any brand should do.

2. Apply your favorite black or brown eyeliner.

Apply either one of these colors above the upper lash line. Be sure to draw the line thick in the middle of the eye. For those who want a jeweled tone look; purples, blues, and greens will work wonders.

3. Pay attention to your bottom lashes.

If you are going for color on the bottom, use a lighter liner. To get this look, you will have to smudge it in. A tad bit of eyeshadow will help you achieve the smudge look effortlessly.

4. Use a light base color.

The goal here is to pair a dark color with a lighter color. For the best effect, apply a light shimmery shadow to your browbone.

5. Blend, but keep the darker color below the crease.

You will need a dark eye shadow for this part of the process. Find a dark color you love and use an eyeshadow brush. Blend in the color starting at your at your lash line blending upwards.

Blend color into the lash line to make the eyeliner disappear.

6. Clean up a little with a Q-Tip and finish off with a great mascara.

Blend your colors with a Q-Tip if your eyes don’t match completely. Also apply two great coats of your favorite mascara. I usually use Lash Blast, and it works great.

Have fun creating the smokey eye look and don’t be afraid to try the jeweled tone look next time.

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