Republicans Push For Confederate History Month Despite Backlash From African Americans

Virginia is the next state to celebrate Confederate History Month at the hands of the Republican Party.

By: Amanda Anderson

The Confederate Flag means different things to different people. For most African Americans, it represents a dark time in the nation’s history. We as a people may have come a long way from slavery, but to still see the flag today when we have a Black President in the White House, reminds us all that we still have a very long way to go. And yes politics is anything but authentic, but the Republican Party may be going too far by pushing for Confederate History Month in the Southern States.

While some of the Southern States have been celebrating Confederate History Month since the 90s, Virginia has not had the celebration since 2002. Virginia governor Bob McDonell recently announced that he would reinstate the controversial celebration.

As we all know Confederate History Month alone invokes an intense debate regarding the real causes and significance of the Civil War. McDonell made headlines for not only bringing it back to Virginia, but minimizing the significance of slavery’s role behind the war.

During the issuing of the proclamation, McDonell made no mentions of slavery. While most Americans have enough sense to know that slavery was a big factor of the Civil War, the Republican governor didn’t find the need to even mention it.

And only a few days later did McDonell feel the need to correct his “error.” He added a few changes to the proclamation to minimally address slavery.

These late changes to the proclamation have not managed to put a halt to the division the debate is causing in the country.

Virginia is not the only state that has recently made steps to celebrate Confederate History Month. Georgia has been celebrating since 2009.

This is nothing but a political move for the Republicans. They know the country is divided over a Black President, and racism has played a huge part in politics since the election. By securing Confederate History Month in all of the Southern States, Republicans are on the right path for the upcoming elections.

It is really low of the Republicans to use racism as a means to get back into the White House. Sadly, this might very well pay off.

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