Sex Addiction or Selfish Bastards: Celebs Cheat and Blame Sex Addiction

Why do celebs cheat and blame it on a bad case of sex addiction?

By: Amanda Anderson

Oh the double standards of Hollywood. Celebrities continue to get passes on things that us regular folks have to take responsibility for, and it makes you wonder why do these idiots get better treatment? So it should come as no surprise that when they get caught for cheating on their spouses that the first thing they do is go join some rehab center for sex addiction. And who is the latest to blame a nasty case of sex addiction as the reason for breaking marriage vows now? Why Tiger Woods of course.

Why can’t Tiger just admit what we all know? He cheated multiple times because he wanted to multiple times. There is no addiction; it’s just a reminder that some men just don’t feel like they have to be faithful. Tiger Woods ranks in billions of dollars, and he is probably one of the greatest golfers that has ever picked up a golf club. It is also no shocker that there are many women out here who could care less that the man is married. All they see is dollar signs, but does that mean that Tiger Woods had to oblige? Of course not, but he surely did with all 60 of them.

And it’s not just the men who blame sex addiction when their marriage fails. The women aren’t that much better when it comes to honesty.

A few years ago, Halle Berry blamed her divorce to Eric Benet on sex addiction. And not to long after that she sat on Oprah’s couch and told millions that Benet just couldn’t pass down the opportunity to sleep with other women. She said he was “sick” and that it ruined their marriage.

And just weeks after Sandra Bullock won her first Oscar, only to find out her husband was pulling a Tiger Woods and creeping, he has also checked in to a rehab facility. Do you want to take a stab on what he’s addicted to?

When it comes to celebrities, I guess it is just a little more dramatic to say that their marriages have ended due to sexual addiction, rather than just admitting that they too can fall victim to infidelity like normal people do all the time. The truth is their publicity stunts won’t help their marriages, and maybe they ought to get real and admit that they too are human. And maybe after admitting that they cannot escape the realities that normal people face, will they truly have a shot in saving their marriages.

Until then, it’s just a sickness. Rehab is about to get really full.

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