Smartphones Become The Main Source Of Communication For Business Professionals

Popular cellular devices have taken the corporate world by storm

By: Taren Vaughan

Advancements in technology occur on a frequent basis. Each year, a new laptop hits electronic stores or a cell phone undergoes numerous upgrades. These changes can have a major impact on how we operate in our daily lives. Technological advances most definitely have an affect on those in the corporate world. It has even gotten to the point where some business professionals rely heavily on the latest craze in technology, the smartphone.

The days of the generic flip phone are slowly coming to an end. Now, cell phone junkies have a new toy to play with. Smartphones have become extremely popular in the world of cell phones. These complex devices allow a person to surf the web and navigate through applications at an easier rate. They also have higher storage ability than your average cellular phone. The features of smartphones are very appealing to those who have very detailed agendas, i.e. business professionals. No more paper based calendars and note pads for these people. Smartphones have become the new “best friends” of those in Corporate America.

So how often do business professionals use their smartphones?

Co-author of Unified Communications for Dummies Tony Bradley discovered the answer to this question in a survey that he conducted involving smartphone users. He found that 79 percent of respondents refer to their smartphones more than their office phones or home phones. It was also noted that some business professionals have totally abandoned their laptops and depend on their iPhones and Blackberries to get them through their work day.

These individuals can virtually manage everything on this powerful piece of equipment. But in addition to the smartphone, those who conduct business should always have back-up plans for storing valuable information. Don’t be so quick to do away with paper documents. Cell phones are misplaced all the times. So without those back-up methods your data will be completely lost. Although the smartphone has all of these unique features, business professionals should always keep in mind that it, just like any other electronic device, can have its flaws.

Source: PCWorld

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