Spring Fashion Trends We Love: Flower Prints

Here’s how to rock one of the most stylish trends of the season.

By: Amanda Anderson

Every season calls for different fashion trends, and we were all just waiting for the arrival of spring to rock some of this season’s hottest trends. Sure we are showing a little more skin in the hotter months and going a little lighter in our palettes. But we all can’t deny that the girly girl in us is just screaming for a little attention. And what better way to show off your femininity than the flower print? And since no fashionista is created equal, the flower print is actually one of the most versatile trends of the spring season.

If you aren’t too into prints, you can also go for the more conservative flower print. With this style, less is actually more. Garments that are more conservative with the flower print usually work great for fashionistas who are not totally sold on this trend. Below is an example of the conservative flower print style.

With these particular garments, the design does not go overboard with the particular floral print. These pieces usually have a larger flower print in one section of the garment. While the designer may not have gotten too excited with the particular print, you can still make a statement and rock this fashion trend with the best of them. But although you may have kept it conservative with the flower print, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with your accessories.

Lace will also play a pretty major role this season, especially with the flower print. For the real girly girls, flower print garments that contain a little lace are an excellent pick. These pieces are a little more on the romantic side, and tend to work well with cocktail dresses and the dressier tops.

The Maxi Dress will also make another appearance this season, so it should be no surprise that Maxi Dress Flower Print dresses are one of the most fabulous picks of this season.

Have fun with this fashion trend, and don’t be afraid to try the look with a nice top and cute pair of jeans.

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