Tidbits: Mo’Nique’s Brother Gerald Imes Admits He Molested Mo’Nique During Oprah Interview

Oscar winning actress Mo’Nique’s brother admits he sexually abused her during Oprah interview.

By: Amanda Anderson

During the promotional period for the Oscar nominated movie Precious, comedian and Oscar winner Mo’Nique stunned the world after revealing that her older brother Gerald Imes had molested her as a child. The actress’ traumatic past made it possible for her to portray one of the darkest characters we have seen in film in a very long time. While the Oscar hype may have ended, the actress still remains at odds with her brother from the many years of sexual abuse.

Recently, Gerald Imes has spoken out about the incident. He sat down with Oprah to discuss the allegations that his famous sister has made against him.

Check out clips from the one of Orpah’s most talked about interviews:

What a sad story. I surely hope these two can heal from such a horrible period of their lives. It seems like Imes is ready to face his sister and be forgiven, but I’m not sure if Mo’Nique is quite ready to take those steps…And I completely understand.

In more news, we are working diligently to get the entire interview for our readers.

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