Past Relationships Aren’t Worthless: The Purpose of Ex-Boyfriends

Past relationships are a bigger blessing than you think.

By: Amanda Anderson

When we think about most of our past relationships, they don’t leave us with tender feelings and good memories. The truth is most of our past relationships weren’t all that great, and most of our ex-boyfriends aren’t anything to go around bragging about. Honestly, most of us look back on past boyfriends and truly wonder what in the hell we were really thinking. You may have gotten to this place of growth because you learned a lot about yourself while by being in those horrible relationships, but before we write our old boyfriends off as huge wastes of time, maybe we should actually be a little thankful that they ever happened.

Now I know you may not agree with me just yet, but maybe it’s time you look at your old relationships in a different light. I mean what better way can you learn about what you need in relationships than to be in relationships? It’s the surest way to learn more about yourself and learn more about relationships. I’ll admit that ex-boyfriends don’t mean as much as they did years ago, but they have contributed to the woman that I am today. And I truly appreciate every single one of them for that.

When we are in these unhealthy relationships, the pain is almost unbearable. While we are in that dark place of our lives, it just seems like we will never experience what it feels like to be happy. But then time passes, and we meet someone that makes us honestly understand why all the other relationships didn’t work.

And when you meet that person, you will be wiser and have a greater understanding of who you really are and what you really need. Your experience in past relationships will equip you with all you need, and you really won’t feel the need to harbor bad feelings for any of your exes.

So even if you are going through a tough break-up now, don’t hang on to the anger longer than you have to. It may not seem like it at the moment, but you will get over your ex and find someone that you can honestly have your piece of happiness with. Let your past mold you into a fabulous woman, learn from it, and be open to receiving the kind of love that every woman dreams about. And when you think about it, isn’t that worth looking forward to?

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