Spring 2010 Nail Color Trends

The must have nail colors of the season.

By: Amanda Anderson

When it comes to some of my favorite beauty necessities, I would have to scream from a roof top that I just can’t ever get enough of really great nail polish. Rather you have long and dramatic, short and chic, or barely there nails; you can’t deny how a great nail polish can work wonders for just about any set of hands. What most people fail to understand is just like fashion, nail polish too has its seasonal trends. As the runway gets bolder, so does every great shade of polish. New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 left us with a little taste of what was to be expected this season, and these colors aren’t for the weak at heart. Here’s a glimpse of the Spring 2010 nail color trends.

Got The Blues?

Blue has been a dominate color for the last few seasons thanks to some of the most prominent fashion designers, so it’s no surprise that blues will be some of the most popular hues of the Spring 2010 nail color trends.

So which blues do you need to cop in a polish fast? Navy blue will be an absolute hit this season. Lighter blues will also dominate, and teals and turquoise will be a favorite among bolder belles.

Attention Grabbing Neons

Who isn’t still talking about the popularity of white nail polish during New York Fashion Week? White polish will be huge this season, but it takes a lot of courage to pull it off. If you have the confidence, this will be a great shade for you.

Brighter is in, so the oranges, yellows, greens, and pinks are a must have for any nail polish collection.

Warm And Feminine Pastels

For a slightly softer look, pastels would be the best choice. These colors are on the warm side, and look great on just about any nail length. Your pastel pinks and purples will be among the most popular.

Mind Blowing Metallics

With the sudden popularity of Minx Nails, it should come as no shock that every belle is looking for that perfect metallic tone to rock. Metallic tones such as bronze, silver, and gold are among the top picks.

Resilient Reds

When is red never in style? Red polish will remain popular this season, but peachy tones will fair well with beauty addicts. Since reds are a bit on the dramatic side, nails of a shorter length will pull this tone off effortlessly.

Beautiful Browns, Gothic Blacks And Gentle Grays

Black nail polish isn’t only for the goths anymore, nor is it only a winter craze. For an edgier look, blacks and even grays will be a necessity this season. Make sure you include them in your stash.

You will also see some fabulous shades of browns, so don’t be afraid to whip out your chocolate tones in the warmer months.

So now that you know which hues make up the Spring 2010 Nail Color trends, which tones will you be rocking? Don’t forget to take some risks and play up your nail type and length. Darker tones look better on shorter nails, and brighter shades look better on longer nails. Mix it up, and add a little glitter to give a little life to your pastel tones.


  1. I am loving these colors! As far as the pastels go, I am seeing the mint green color everywhere. It's a really pretty color, and I can't wait to try it out along with some of these other colors. Loving the mag.

  2. Out of all these colors, I am definitely going to be working the metallics and blues. I've seen blue nails this season, and it's definitely taking off. I think turquoise polish looks stunning too.

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