Don’t Worry, Your Season Will Come

Have no fear, your good season is right around the corner

By: Taren Vaughan

There are times when it seems like everyone around you is receiving their blessings. People are getting new and exciting jobs. Some are becoming happily married and starting families. Things seem to be going so well for everyone except you.

Why are all of these wonderful things not happening to you?

It just so happens to be their season. God takes us through many different phases in our lifetime. These phases are often referred to as seasons. The good seasons are the ones most of us look forward to. We hope and pray that these seasons come quickly. But we fail to remember that we are on God’s clock. He determines when your good seasons will occur for you. He blesses each and every one of us with those very positive moments in our lives.

So don’t become envious when you see someone receiving their blessings. Be happy for that person and believe in your heart that your blessing is right around the corner. Remember, you don’t truly appreciate a good season until you’ve experienced a bad, stormy one.

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