Third Parties: How Do Our Friends Become So Involved In Our Relationships?

Should your friends know everything that goes on in your relationship?

By: Taren Vaughan

In a relationship, there are supposed to be only two parties involved. Those parties should be yourself and your partner. Even though relationships are normally limited to two people, other individuals find a way to become a part of it.

And who are these individuals that I am referring to? None other than those people we call friends.

When you get that new boyfriend, your friends are some of the first people to hear the news. As most of us do when we find a new mate, we give our friends the total rundown of everything. We give them all the details on how the guy is, where we met him and how you all became an item. As the relationship progresses, you have more things to tell your friends about. The more knowledge that they gain, the more involved they will become. Before you know it, your relationship has inherited a third party.

So why do our friends become so involved in our relationships?

Well it could be because we allow them to be. Your friends can only discuss the details of your relationship if they have been told what is going on in it. Otherwise, they would be absolutely clueless as to what you and your partner are going through. Once you inform them about everything, their opinions start to come into play. When a friend has gained knowledge about your relationship, they begin to tell you how they would handle YOUR situation. You start to hear things like “Girl, I wouldn’t take that if I were you” or “If that were me, I would have done this”. All of a sudden, your friends have become experts in how to handle your relationship problems.

On the other hand, some friends just don’t like to see you happy. They try to find everything possibly wrong with your relationship. They may even go to the extent of trying to dig up dirt on your relationships have been unsuccessful and caused them nothing but drama. These friends will do whatever they need to do to insure that you will be just as miserable as they are.

Our friends are some of the closest people to us. And we do have a tendency to discuss all aspects of our lives with them especially our relationships. When he’s not acting right, who do you call? When you catch him cheating on you with another woman, who do you run and tell? Your friends of course.

You can only blame yourself if your friends become overly involved in your relationship. Be selective in what you talk about concerning your partnership. Then you will not have to worry about your girl friends getting into your business all the time. Not to say that you don’t trust them or don’t value their opinions. But some things should be kept between you and your partner. Ultimately, how involved your friends get in your relationship rest in your hands. Like I said before, they can only get involved if you let them.

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