Hearing Scheduled For NY Man That Infected 13 Women With HIV

By: Amanda Anderson

Nushawn Williams, the New York drug abuser and dealer that spread HIV to 13 women a decade ago, made a brief appearance in the State Supreme Court today.

According to the court papers, Williams is described as a mentally sex obsessed drug addict. During his 12 year imprisonment, Nushawn was violent and officials believe he would infect more women with the deadly disease if set free.

In 1998, he pleaded guilty to statutory rape and reckless endangerment charges. In the small town of Jamestown, Williams created a panic by infecting so many women with the deadly sexually transmitted disease.

Nicknamed “Face,” Williams was notoriously known for his good looks and amazing ability to charm women. Most of his victims were also drug addicts that he continuously charmed for sex.

According to a 3 year-old stature, Nushawn Williams can be locked up indefinitely if it is proven that he has a mental disorder and is more likely to commit the crime again if released.

His mother Denise Williams states:

“I’m just waiting for him to come home. I feel like he did his time. Ain’t nothing wrong with him.”

Out of all of his victims, the youngest was only 13 years old. In 1999, he told reporters that he slept with around 300 women before his arrest.

Williams states:

“I was not trying to give them the highly infectious disease. I was selling drugs and moving too fast. If I used protection, I wouldn’t have it, either.”

According to psychologists, Williams has no regard for others and even threw his urine on fellow prison inmates.

The story gets even more interesting. Williams actually has a wife, Nina Williams.

She tells reporters:

“He’s really stressed. Everyone was waiting for him to come home. He was ready to get on with his life, start over.”

A hearing is scheduled for May 6 to determine if it is probable cause to hold Williams until the trial that will ultimately decide if he is mentally unstable.


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