Never Too Far Away: Long Distance Relationships Can Be Successful

There are ways to make a long distance relationship work

By:Taren Vaughan

The phrase “long distance” when referring to relationships has a tendency to scare people. Being that regular relationships can be a handful, some individuals can’t even imagine taking a chance on someone who is miles away from them. Having a solid long distance relationship seems like an impossible thing to accomplish. But it can definitely be done.

So how do people manage to conduct long distance relationships?

The key word is communication. A strong foundation in communication will result in a long lasting relationship of any kind. There are plenty of ways that you can keep that bond strong between you and your distant partner. Talking on the phone with them is usually the number one source of communication. Then there is the Internet of course. Now the Internet has been the cause of many break-ups. But at the same time, it can be some couple’s saving grace. Writing those heartfelt emails and having those late night chats on instant messenger are not all the Internet is good for these days. Skype, a program that allows you to see the person you are talking to via webcam, is a great source of communication for those long distance lovers.

Along with consistent communication, long distance couples can make travel arrangements to see each other in person. You can stay a week in his city or vice versa. You could even meet each other half way if that is more convenient. Some relationships start out with both people being in the same city. But circumstances may change that. What if your husband or boyfriend gets a new job and has to move to another state? Are you going to throw away a good relationship because of that?

If you truly have a strong desire to be with that person, then you won’t call a quits on something that has such promise. Who knows, the time that you all are apart could only be temporary. Think about all those military wives and girlfriends out there. They can be separated from their partners for months or even years at a time. But these people stick by each other because of the love that they share. A love that even distance can’t get in between.

Contrary to belief, long distance relationships can be very successful. With a full commitment from both parties, a long distance partnership could be as good as or maybe even better than a short distance one. Being in a relationship is not always an easy thing to do even when you and your partner are in the same city. You have to stop and ask yourself one important question. Is the person worth it? If the answer is yes, then you will do whatever it takes to make your long distance union work. Even if you are a person that has had bad experiences with long distance relationships or have never had one at all, don’t be so quick to dismiss them. You never know, that person could be your true soul mate.

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