Say What?! Did Obama Call The Tea Partiers Tea Baggers?

Obama under fire for calling Tea Party “Tea Baggers.”

By: Amanda Anderson

The Tea Party has become one of the most talked about organizations in politics. Rather you hate them or love them, everyone has taken notice to their stance on less government and disgust of the current administration. The organization has come under fire for their use of racial slurs during recent protests, and now it seems President Obama may be using a few slurs himself when discussing the Conservative political movement. In a controversial book pending release, it is “revealed” that The President referred to the Tea Party members as “Tea Baggers.” While I find this completely hilarious, Conservatives aren’t too happy with the President’s supposed remarks.

In the new book “The Promise: President Obama, Year One”, authored by Jonathan Alter, Alter quotes President Obama as saying that the House Republicans’ unanimous vote against the Health Care bill has “helped to create the tea-baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party to where it now controls the agenda for the Republicans.”

Now we all know that tea bagger is a pretty vulgar term that no one in their right mind would want to be referred to. It is a sexual reference, and it isn’t something the Tea Party members would want to associate themselves with if they want to be taken seriously when it comes to their political purposes. Of course, the Tea Party was outraged to hear of the President’s remarks, but should they really be angry the President called them Tea Baggers when they too used to refer to themselves as Tea Baggers before someone told the idiots what the term really meant?

Yes, the Tea Party willingly called themselves Tea Baggers. David Weigel of the Washington Post references an article that National Review published last year that proves the Tea Party had no problem referring to themselves as Tea Baggers. In the article, it is noted that the Tea Party sent tea bags to the members of Congress on April 15, 2009, while embracing the term “tea bagging” to refer to their political activity. The liberals had a field day with this, and the Tea Party eventually dropped the term all together. To be offended now can only be a part of a bigger political agenda or more proof that this organization shouldn’t be taken seriously.

But then again, maybe Obama just didn’t get the memo about the name change (insert sarcasm here).

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