Young, Black And Successful: Black Student Excels In School And Entrepreneurship

High School Student Maintains Grades While Running His Own Company

By: Taren Vaughan

Relocating from a different country can be quite an adjustment for most people. Becoming accustomed to the daily routines and learning how to speak the language of the natives are tasks that can take several years to do. However, Clarksburg student Serge Amouzou is definitely an exception to the rule.

Serge Amouzou first came to the United States five years ago by way of Togo, West Africa. Being from another country, the English language was foreign to Serge and he had a hard time grasping it at first. His schoolmates found it comical that he did not speak the way that they did, as most children reject the unfamiliar. But the giggles and jokes from his peers only made Serge more determined to excel and be successful. With a lot of hard work and dedication, this young man made it a point to get the English language down pack. Once he mastered it, Amouzou began to soar academically.

With an astounding 3.71 grade point average, Serge Amouzou has done extremely well in his academic career as an African American student. So well in fact that he has been recognized by several organizations and scholarship committees. Amouzou was one of the twenty five students to receive the Distinguished African-American Scholars Award, a notable award given to students within the Montgomery County Public School System.

Aside from being a top notch student, Serge Amouzou has also managed to run his very own business. He is the creator of his own web and graphics design company, SDA Designs, where he is responsible for designing websites for numerous clients. SDA Designs was originally just a hobby for Amouzou but it blossomed into something profitable:

“Designing a website could start at $500 and go from there. Right now, I have two clients that I am doing some web work for now.”

Upon graduating from high school, Serge will be headed to college in hopes to one day become a brain surgeon. According to him, this is something that he always wanted to do. Serge’s mother, Eva Tchakpana is just as amazed at his success as we are and seems to be extremely proud of her son:

“He’s a great boy and he has come a long way,” “I am so proud of him.”

Serge Amouzou has already accomplished things that people much older than him are still trying to achieve. Mastering the English language and maintaining an excellent GPA while running a business online is no easy task. And he has managed to do it well. With his work ethic and academic focus, there is no doubt in my mind that this young man will reach his career goal and find much success in whatever else he intends to do.

Source: Gazette.Net

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