Fashion Designer Spotlight: Meet Mariella Sheree

By: Amanda Anderson

Black fashion designers are on the come up, and I can’t tell you how much it touches my heart to read about black women taking huge strides in the competitive world of fashion. It is no secret that fashion is one of the toughest industries to break into, and most people don’t know that most fashion designers go broke after completing their latest collection. But Mariella Sheree isn’t worried about any of that, she is letting her passion dominate her footsteps. And so far, her passion has taken her to a great place.

The driven fashion diva is the owner of her own online boutique, Five At Seven. She recently sat down and had a chit chat with, and here’s what she had to say about her tough journey pursuing something she loves so much.

On who she designs her pieces for:

“A woman who has a profession but is also a socialite who maybe goes out on Friday, and she knows that she can wear one of my dresses to work and then just add some makeup and put her hair up and she’s good to go.”

On the color selection of her latest collection:

“My favorite color is white, but I’m drawn to pops of color. So, the color story was white mixed with different shades of gray, black and sun-kissed yellow and fuchsia.”

On her inspiration:

“My last collection was my “queen collection” based off the (idea of a) modern-day queen — you know, the women doing positive things in their lives, whether she’s a full-time mom or full-time student or activist or in civil service. Women with self-esteem.

Angela Davis, Dorothy Dandridge and Marilyn Monroe and my mother and my aunt, who is my grandmother’s sister — she has a three-story house and the third floor is all shoes … you can’t help but be influenced by that.”

And here’s a little glimpse of some of her latest pieces:

Mariella Sheree is currently working on an upcoming fashion show, but you can view more of her collection and boutique here.

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