P90X: The Workout Craze That’s Sweeping The Nation

Latest exercise program that has fitness fanatics raving

By: Taren Vaughan

Back in 1998, martial artist and fitness guru Billy Blanks had the whole world sweating it out to his Taebo videos and DVDs. From those who were new to the workout scene to professional athletes, there was a form of Taebo for every single person. If you recall, those who did it faithfully saw results within weeks, sometimes even days. Now that the Taebo hype has died down, another exercise program has taken its place.

No, it’s not Billy this time. It’s fitness expert Tony Horton. He is responsible for introducing P90X to all those looking to get into shape. The P90X exercise program consists of a total of 12 workout routines that target all areas of the body. Each routine can range anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours. But the average time for each routine is about an hour and each focuses on one particular section of the body at a time. So ultimately, you will get a total body workout from head to toe. Depending on the degree of difficulty you are aiming for, you can use weights, balance balls, resistance bands or a pull up bar.

But P90X doesn’t stop with the intense workouts. The program also includes a calendar and chart to keep track of your personal workout details (the number of repetitions that you do and select daily routines) in addition to a nutrition manual with healthy eating tips. Why work up a huge sweat and turn around and eat a bunch of food full of fat and sugar? Tony Horton definitely isn’t a fan of this type of behavior and he mentions it several times during the routines to keep you focused on getting the pounds off and keeping them off.

Coming from a person that has done several exercise programs before, I can truly say that P90X is in a league of its own. It is a great program for people of all ages and gender. And like many other credible exercise programs, a person will see results fairly quickly. But the intensity level of P90X is like nothing I have ever experienced. If you are in search of an exercise program that is packed with hardcore movements that will tone those hard to reach areas and eliminate that excess flab that we all can’t stand, you should definitely give P90X a try. Trust me, by the end of the first hour, you will be drenched in sweat and feel accomplished.

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