The Boondocks Recap: B*tches to Rags (Video)

Watch last night’s episode of The Boondocks.

By: Amanda Anderson

Last night’s episode of The Boondocks was crazy last night, and not without the usual cultural references that leaves everyone wondering who McGruder was targeting. Thugnificent was the main focus of this episode, as he experiences financial hardship and eventually loses his record deal to a rap beef with a hot teenage rapper.

I’ll let you peep the episode (Sony will take this down very soon)…and I’ll just throw some hints that Ice-T and Souljah Boy probably got the most laughs from this episode, if they aren’t too sensitive.

Peep it:

Propers to PleaseDontShare.Com for the vid.


  1. Bravo to Aaron McGruder on this one. It was absolutely hilarious and this episode shows just how unstable a rap "career" truly is. It's a shame that this is the final season.Thanks for putting this up.

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