Before They Were Famous: Rapper Drake Admits He Was Addicted To Ebay (Video)

Drake admits that he was addicted to EBay.

By Amanda Anderson

Drake is one of the hottest rappers out right now, so it’s hard to imagine just how weird he could have been before he became Young Money’s biggest superstar. Just like the average person, celebrities have embarrassing qualities they’d like to forget. Most of us were a little weird in our teenage years, so it should come as no surprise that Drake was too.

MTV has a new special entitled “When I Was 17,” and the show interviews numerous celebs and asks them to reflect on some of their most embarrassing teenage moments.

For Drake, it was an Ebay addiction.

The rapper admits that while most of his friends were into girls and developing their social lives, Drake oped to stay in the house and buy clothes and electronics on EBay.

Here’s an excerpt from the show:

According to the rapper, he was involved in a few scandals. He sold items on the online auction site just as often as he bought them. To hear Drake tell it, though, everything he pushed online wasn’t always on the up and up. And as for his own purchases? Well, let’s just say today they might be considered as crime too. “Mostly it as just clothes, electronics, jerseys and velour suits,” Drake says. “I look back now and it’s all hideous.”

Peep the video:

Funny. I’m pretty sure Drake doesn’t have much time for EBay these days.

Source: MTV

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