Common Talks Serena Williams And Friendship With Kanye West

By: Amanda Anderson

Rapper Common may be one of the superior rappers in Hip-Hop, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get serious with his acting. He has been doing quite a few films lately, and his latest film “Just Wright” gives him a chance to lead a film. He recently had an interview with The Canadian Press, in which he talks about working on a film with Queen Latifah, his Tennis star girlfriend Serena Williams, and his close friendship with rapper Kanye West.

Here are some of the interview highlights…

On girlfriend Serena Williams:

“One thing I gotta say is that athletes, they play through the pain. I’ve seen the pain that not only Serena or Venus would go through, but other the athletes that I know. … I gained a lot of respect for athletes doing this role because it’s a superhuman ability to go out there and be in that pain and because of the level of skill that they possess.”

On dating non-celebrity women:

“I think a lot has to do with being in the same circles. To a certain extent we cross paths in different places and you meet the person then you see them again — you never know what comes about from there. But I think it all depends on the people, because I’ve dated a woman who had nothing to do with the industry, but she understood my career and was very supportive and I was supportive of her.”

On his first leading role:

“I have actually been studying acting for some years, even (before) getting the chance to be in films. I hit a ceiling with music for a second. I felt like I really want to grow as an artist and this (movies) is another creative outlet out there. I feel like I’m an actor too, along with being a hip-hop artist. To get the opportunity to be a romantic lead is a great step for me.”

On Kanye West:

“He is one of the best people I’ve met in life. He is a goodhearted guy who tries to help out a lot of people — that’s one thing I have watched. … He wants to do well by people, but he still has his own confidence and his own flaws like we all do. Kanye’s definitely a good guy, that’s why I can say that he’s my friend.

Whenever I have something like advice, I just tell him — whether he accepts it, it’s up to him. I’ll talk to him about the way I think things should go. It’s just my opinion and I definitely feel responsible as someone who cares for another human being. If I see them do something that I think is inappropriate or not right I’m going to catch him, but that’s our relationship — he would do the same thing for me.”


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