Boxing’s “Birdman”: Mike Tyson Races Pigeons And Becomes A Vegetarian

Boxing great set to host pigeon racing show and changes eating habits

By: Taren Vaughan

Throughout his phenomenal boxing career, “Iron” Mike Tyson has faced much adversity and criticism. From rape charges to cases of assault, he has been the center of negative attention on several occasions. And who could forget the infamous ear biting incident in his 1997 fight against Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield? Although his past is not squeaky clean, Mike Tyson has recently made some personal changes. One of which concerns his eating habits.

The former heavyweight champion has turned over a new leaf, literally. Tyson recently announced that he has become a vegetarian. I guess this means he won’t be taking a chunk out of anyone’s ear anytime soon. The 43 year old accredits his change to his desire to get back in shape. After putting on some pounds, he’s looking to shed the extra weight. Thankfully he is doing it in a safe manner as some celebrities resort to unsafe methods to drop excess weight.

In addition to becoming a vegetarian, Mike Tyson has discovered a new profession: pigeon racing. Yes that’s right, “Iron” Mike will have his very own pigeon racing show on Animal Planet. The show is set to air next year. This may concern people considering Mike Tyson’s sometimes overly aggressive behavior. PETA members definitely expressed their concern about Tyson’s interactions with their feathered friends. PETA reps claim that the show exhibits animal cruelty and could possibly involve acts of gambling. Tyson should be careful with this one. Michael Vick has already felt the wrath of PETA after his involvement in dog fighting. PETA shouldn’t be too concerned at the moment though. According to Tyson, he has always had a love for pigeons since he was a kid. His intentions appear to be good so no harm done so far.

Mike Tyson’s physical and professional life seems to be in order but what about his personal life? He recently appeared on “The View” where he discussed his relationship with his family and his mentality when it came to leaving the sport of boxing. Here’s a clip of what he said on the subjects:


After seeing this interview, Mike Tyson appears to be on the road to personal growth. His whole persona has shifted from the bad boy image he was once associated with to a much more mild mannered individual. He seems like a totally different person. After losing a child and dealing with a rough past, Mike Tyson is now a changed man. Say what you want, but “Iron” Mike is not the man he used to be which is very pleasing to many people.

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