What You Can Learn From First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is bigger than great fashion, she’s pretty smart too.

By: Amanda Anderson

First Lady Michelle Obama has to be one of the most captivating First Ladies this country has ever seen. She is interesting, charismatic, and brilliant; to put it simply, the woman is the true definition of fierce. During the presidential election, Michelle Obama was more than Obama’s biggest supporter, she was also one of the strongest points of his entire campaign. She made speeches on his behalf, conducted interviews, and pushed his agenda all the while knowing that it was not really her dream but his.

Most journalists highlight Obama’s excellent fashion sense and that fabulous body of hers, but we at Urban Belle Magazine believe there is way more to Michelle Obama than her impeccable and praise worthy sense of style.

Here are a few things that every belle could learn from the one and only Michelle-O.

1. Fall in love with a man that dreams.

When it comes to picking a mate, we may look for many things. Some of us have our must have physical attributes such as the man who has a height of 6’2, perfect teeth, a killer six pack, and a clean set of finger nails; but smart women like Michelle-O know that the real treasure is a man who has aspirations to become something great.

When Barack met Michelle, he was a broke and big eared law school student, and shortly after he became a broke and big eared community organizer. Michelle had a successful career at a prestigious law firm, but even she knew that he had bigger dreams than most men. She chose to support him and now he’s the President of the United States.

Now ladies, don’t take this lesson as to only date the dreamers. Barack wasn’t merely a dreamer, he believed in taking the necessary action needed to make his dreams come true. So if you end up dating a man with plenty of dreams, but he spends most of his time talking about it and sitting on the couch, you have missed the entire point.

2. Forget swag, intelligence is way more valuable.

Barack Obama not only went to Harvard Law School, he graduated at the top of his class and even became the first black President of the Student Law Society. The man is brilliant, and he isn’t ashamed of it.

I hear a lot of women talk about how they want a man with swag, but what about a man with intelligence? It’s no secret that smart men make better husbands, while that guy with all that swag makes a better bed hopper. If I had to choose between the two, intelligence would win by a landslide. Besides, I’m the type of woman that loves a stimulating conversations, and swag doesn’t stimulate me.

3. Only create a family with a man who values family.

Now I know some of us on are focused on starting families, but I can’t stress how serious it is when it comes down to choosing the man you start a family with. This one choice will shape the “Forever and ever” that you have been chasing since those days you still believed in those ridiculous fairy tales.

Make sure that you choose a man that really believes in putting his family first or you will experience the misery of being with a man that just doesn’t have time for his family. If Obama still has time to spend with his daughters such as watch their soccer games or take them Trick or Treating, no man on the planet can be too busy for his kids.

4. Partnership is the sweeter deal.

When I was younger, my Mother used to always talk about how powerful it was when two people came together for one cause. She believed in the strength in numbers, and I have always viewed my mother as one of the wisest women I have ever met. There is plenty truth to her saying, as we see the majority of the most successful people had strong support teams.

Michelle and Barack are partners. Both are each other’s biggest supporters and they don’t go at their dreams alone. And that partnership landed them right into the White House. Be with a man who is confident enough to let you be his equal.

5. Never stop dating-each other.

Relationships can get old fast, and marriages get older even faster. One of the best ways to keep a marriage and a relationship fresh is to continue to have date nights. The President still takes his wife on dates, and she has made it clear that it keeps him on her good side. Keep the spark in your relationship. It isn’t always good to be comfortable.

6. Get your shine on, too.

Sure Barack Obama may be the President of the United States, but Michelle has had a pretty successful career herself. Michelle was heading major hospitals and involved heavily in the community through various non profit organizations. A smart woman won’t lose herself in her man’s dreams because she will be focusing on hers as well.

Some women will gladly “stand behind” their man, and totally lose their identity within the realms of the relationship. Don’t forget to have your success and your successful man.

Now I know this article may come at a bad time since some of the tabloids are reporting that Obama has a mistress, but even if he has been rubbing elbows and more things that don’t belong to Michelle, these lessons are still worthy to remember while you embark on your search for love. So you may not nab the next black President of the United States, but you will nab a man that truly understands and represents the things that really matter.

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