Breathe A Little Easier: Ways To Limit Number Of Asthma Attacks

Helpful tips to prevent asthma attacks from occuring

By: Taren Vaughan

Asthma is a condition that can heavily affect the daily lives of those who have it. It can limit the amount of physical activity that a person can undergo. It can also have an impact on a person’s sleeping patterns as well. Although asthma is a not a curable condition, there are many ways to prevent numerous flare ups from occurring.

Make Healthy Food A Part of Your Diet

Just with any other condition, getting that daily dose of fruits and vegetables can make a huge difference in the severity of your condition. Eating healthy foods can decrease your chances of experiencing an asthma attack. A sufficient intake of nutrients helps boost the immune system thus improving your body’s defense mechanisms. A properly functioning immune system is the key for someone who battles with asthma.

Be Sure To Exercise Those Lungs

Although asthma attacks can be triggered by excessive amounts of exercise (Exercise Induced Asthma), getting a daily dose of physical activity can be a positive thing for asthma sufferers. In order to strengthen your lungs and increase their capacity, one must put them to work. Light workouts like a brisk walk through the park or on a treadmill are good ways to exercise your lungs without over exertion.

Watching That Weight Is A Must

With most health conditions, weight management can determine how severe your condition is or could potentially become. Having excess weight around your mid-section is not a good thing for those who suffer from asthma. It can be very hard on your lungs and keep them from functioning properly. Maintaining a healthy weight will allow you to breathe much better and decrease your chances of having an asthma attack.

Strong Odors Are Not Your Friend

Because asthma patients have much more sensitive lungs than the average person, it is important for them to stay way from things that have distinct smells or odors. Perfumes, cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays, cleaning products and hair products have been known to cause asthma attacks to occur. If you have no choice but to be around these products or smells, make sure there is proper ventilation where you are. Being around these smells in an enclosed area could cause a serious problem for one with asthma.

Get Some Rest

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is much needed for someone who has asthma. Good sleep, sleep that goes uninterrupted, allows the person’s body to go into full relaxation mode. It also gives you more energy to do your daily routines. Great rest can be very helpful in minimizing the number of asthma attacks one has.

By practicing these methods, you will be breathing easier in no time.

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