How Do You Handle Stress?

Easy ways to cope with stress.

By: Amanda Anderson

There is no way around it, life is stressful. As we journey through our lives, we will face many ups and downs. And as we grow individually, we will endure many breakdown points. We may all tackle stress differently and have our own individual methods, but it is important to use effective methods to cut down on the stress in our lives. Although we know life is meant to be full of trials and tribulations, how can we manage the stress and make our lives more manageable? Here are a few ways to effectively tackle stress and maintain the peace in your life amidst the storms.

1. Get a steady support team.

Your inner circle means everything. The people you surround yourself with can make your life better or worse. The key to a peaceful life is to surround yourself with peaceful people. These people should be supportive and encourage you in your life. If you can’t go to them for advice or comfort in a time of adversity, you may need to rethink your circle.

2. Make room for alone time.

Meditation is powerful. And when I speak of meditation, it doesn’t mean you have to sit Indian style and chant. It just means you need some time to yourself to reflect and think about the things that may be bothering you significantly. In most cases, it’s our quiet alone time that gives us an opportunity to think of a solution to most of our problems. A little quite time also eases the stress and relieves tension.

3. Find time for what you love.

If you have a hobby or passion that you really enjoy, it is imperative that you make time to focus on your interests. Hobbies and passions are a great method to use to take your mind off of stress. Whether you focus on your passions on the weekends, make time for it after work, or pursue it full time, you will see a huge reduction in your stress levels.

4. Seek God for guidance.

We can’t handle all of the problems we face. Some of our trials will just be too heavy to bear. In these moments, it is crucial to seek God for a little guidance on how to handle our issues. Make time for God daily and never underestimate the power of prayer.

All of these methods have been helpful in my quest to eliminate stress in my life, but there are other things you can do such as take a vacation, pamper yourself at a spa or fabulous day of shopping, get the proper rest ( six hours or more), and develop a healthy exercise regime to get yourself in a healthy state of mind.

Don’t let stress consume too much of your life and remember that a peaceful life is a sure way to a healthy and long life.

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