Lango Helps School Aged Children Become Bi-Lingual

Foreign Language program allows kids to master a new language

By: Taren Vaughan

Nowadays, learning a new language has become a very popular trend. Even as an adult, with programs like Rosetta Stone, you could be on your way to becoming bi-lingual in no time. Some people wait until they reach adolescence or even adulthood to begin mastering a foreign language. Lango, however, starts an individual with that process at a very early age.

Lango is a program designed to teach school aged children a second language. Parents can enroll their children into this program at 18 months of age. It appears that Lango is the foreign language version of “Your Baby Can Read”. Lango is beginning to become very popular amongst several states across the country. And it has now made it’s way to the Triangle area in North Carolina.

Durham, North Carolina resident Jessica Murrell has just received her license from Lango and has recently begun her career as a Lango Leader. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about this outstanding program:

How did you get started with Lango?

“Well, I was actually introduced to the program by a friend of the family. They currently own a Lango business in Prince George’s County in Maryland. I took a trip up there and had a chance to preview one of the class sessions, one of which my daughter was involved in. I saw how much she enjoyed the activities and felt like it would be great to bring this program back to the RTP area.”

What kind of classes do you teach?

“I teach French, Mandarin and Spanish to children ages 1 to 11 years old.”

How is Lango different from other foreign language programs out there?

“I would say that Lango’s curriculum is very unique compared to other foreign language programs. The educational techniques that we use really get the point across to our participants, in a way that they can understand. We use the “Adventure Learning” approach where children are allowed to do what they do best and that is play.”

How much of an impact do you think Lango can have on a student’s overall academic performance?

“I think that Lango has a huge impact on a student’s overall academic performance. When you are learning a new language, you are required to use a different part of your brain, which really enhances your ability to retain knowledge thus improving your academic success. I think that children’s test scores would improve from their experiences with Lango. Learning a new language will help our participants become more culturally diverse as well. I think back on my years in elementary and middle school and I ask myself: “What if I could have learned Mandarin? Could I have had more career opportunities?”. I wish I had’ve been provided with the chance to be apart of a program like Lango because the benefits are truly outstanding.”

Speaking another language other than your native language has become very important for school aged students. It exposes them to different cultures, allowing them to verbally interact with people who are from foreign countries. Most of all, the future educational and job opportunities that a bi-lingual person could have are endless in comparison to someone who speaks one language fluently.

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  1. Great article and I think it will become a great success all over the country and with leadership like that which Jessica possesses I'm sure the Triangle will become a leader in developing the success it has to offer

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