One More Chance: Baby, I’m A Changed Man

They claimed to be different, but are they really worth a second chance?

By: Taren Vaughan

Once you have ended a relationship with a guy, it seems as though there is no turning back. He showed you his true colors and at that point, it was time to make that move. Time passes, and this same guy tries to come back into your life, claiming that he is a changed individual. He wants to try again with you, he is looking for a second chance for you all. So the question is, do you give him another chance to make things right? Is it really possible that he has changed his ways?

It is very possible for a man to change his ways. During the time period that you all were apart, he could have really undergone a true metamorphosis. And now he is approaching you as a totally different person. But then again, it could all be a huge front. He could be the same trifling behind person he was before. He is just trying to see if he still can come back to you. I like to refer to it as “stroking his ego”. If that is the case, you already know what to do…keep it moving. A man like that doesn’t deserve a second chance from you or anyone else. He is not being sincere about his so-called “change”.

But if he is sincere about his change, does he truly deserve another chance with you?

Some would argue that he isn’t worth it at all. Backtracking and dating a guy from your past could be setting yourself up for failure. It didn’t work the first time so why would it work now? On the other hand, taking a trip back in the past is not always a bad thing to do. He may really have his act together this time around.

A man may appear to have his act together but how do you know he is about something this time? If he claims to be a changed man, make him prove it to you. Saying that he is a changed man means nothing until he puts those words into action. When his change becomes visual, then he has validated his words. Now you can really take him seriously.

I myself believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. That way of thinking has back fired on me several times in the past but I still stand by that belief. People can change their ways and become better prospects for relationships. But there are those men out there that are pretty much set in their ways. They are who they are, so giving them another chance would probably be a waste of your time. That time could be spent with someone who really cares about you and enjoys your company and good conversation.

Giving a guy another chance can be very risky. You risk the chance of developing those old feelings that you had towards him. You could also risk getting yourself hurt again. Everyone’s situation is different so what you feel is right for yourself may not be what someone else sees as the right way to handle it. But before you are so quick to say yes or no to your “old” friend, be sure his intentions are good and make him put his words into action. Remember, anyone can claim to be a changed person and make it sound believable. Be careful who you give a second chance to. You don’t want to regret it in the end.

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