The Boondocks Recap- “The Story of Jimmy Rebel” (Video)

Watch last night’s episode of the Boondocks, entitled “The Story of Jimmy Rebel.”

By: Amanda Anderson

Last night’s episode of the Boondocks stirred a lot of controversy. For one thing, the episode focused on the most controversial character of the series, Uncle Ruckus, and we all know that Ruckus is that character that you either love or hate with a passion. While most were offended by last night’s episode, some of us have come to understand how Aaron McGruder uses Uncle Ruckus to deliver satirical messages about racism and self-hate.

While I won’t get too deep into the episode (you’ll be able to watch the entire episode for yourself below), I will say I find it interesting how black people were offended by the continued use of the “N” word, when most African Americans throw the derogatory term so loosely around with their own people. But it’s no harm when it’s just us using the term right? I mean as long as white people don’t say it, it’s harmless right? Sure, keep thinking that. It’s easier to get through life being blind and totally ignorant to the truths around you.

With no further ado, here is last night’s episode “The Story of Jimmy Rebel.” If you have any thought or opinions, we’d love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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