Trends We Love: Tier Dresses

Here’s how to rock one of fashion’s hottest trends.

By: Amanda Anderson

When in search for the perfect dress, there are so many things that a true fashionista must look for when selecting her pieces. The trends of the moment will surely dictate which dress we pick up and which dress we avoid like an unfashionable plague. Sure, it may be all about print, brighter hues, and the maxi dress this spring season; but one of the hottest fashion trends of the moment is taking the entire fashion world by storm, and the result is extremely fabulous. If you haven’t picked up a tier dress this season, you are truly missing out on a fashionable spring wardrobe.

Tier dresses are becoming more and more popular with fashion addicts because they mix runway chic with everyday chic. With these pieces, it’s extremely easy to wear these dresses for daytime and evening wear. These dresses aren’t too over the top in the glam department, and they aren’t too casual for belles looking to make a statement that screams chic. So if you’re looking for a piece in your wardrobe that is diverse enough for you to wear to work and to happy hour with the girls, this dress will be one of the best additions to your closet.

With tier dresses, you can take advantage of your love for print. There are many beautiful tier dresses that have print detail, so those that are trendy can appreciate the ability to rock multiple trends without going overboard.

How to Rock This Look

When it comes to this fashion trend, those that know how to get the most out of their accessories will pull this look off better than the accessory challenged. If you have a more casual type tier dress, use bold accessories such as chunky statement necklaces to add a little more glam. A simple statement necklace will change your more conservative tier dresses to chic in a matter of seconds.

Heels will make tier dresses perfect for the night out on town, so don’t be afraid to put on your favorite pair of pumps. Sandals are a great pick for those who rather be a little more casual and comfortable. Flip flops, however, are a no go since they are just way too casual for this look.

If you are new to tier dresses, here are a few of my favorite picks to gets your stylish juices flowing and inspire you to get your own:

bebe Tier Ruffle Garden Party Dress

Trend Factor:

1) One of the hottest shades of the season

2) Perfect for day and evening war

Price: $119

To die for? Get it here.

Forever 21 Pearl & Chain Print Dress

Trend Factor:

1)Beautiful print

2) Belt adds more chic

Price: $38.00

To die for? Get it here.

Trend Factor:

1) Two toned, which adds the drama

2) Vertical ruffles creates an elegant look

Price: $79.90

To die for? Get it here.

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