Workout Buddies: The Benefits of Exercising With A Partner

Why workout alone? Find yourself a workout partner.

By: Taren Vaughan

As we all know, exercising on a regular basis can be a challenging task. It can be even more difficult to accomplish when you are working out by yourself. Acquiring a workout partner is a wonderful thing to do. Here are some of the benefits to having someone to workout with:

True Motivation

Of course, a number of people who engage in exercise routines are self motivated individuals. But for those new to the world of fitness, the motivation factor is not as strong. This is where having a workout buddy comes in handy. On those days when you just can’t muster up the energy to hit the gym, that workout buddy of yours will encourage you to go. When you are approaching that final lap around the track and you feel like you are about to give up, your workout partner gives you that extra push that you need to see it through.


Although some workout partners are equally as clueless when it comes to which exercise routines to do, there are cases where one is more experienced than the other. Having a workout buddy that is very knowledgeable when it comes to exercise routines and how to use the different types of workout equipment is a plus. It prevents you from possibly injuring yourself which could have you out of the workout loop indefinitely.

Safety First

When you exercise outdoors, having a workout buddy is great simply because you are not alone. Some of us like to go for late night or early morning runs in the early hours of the morning. Due to the fact that there are some vicious predators out there, it is best that you do not exercise alone during these hours. Find a close friend, relative or co-worker that will be willing to go for a midnight stroll with you. That way you can maximize your workout without having to worry about being attacked.

Good Company

Good television programs, iPods and MP3 players are things that entertain us while we burn off all those calories. But nothing beats having a workout buddy to talk to. Even though you are supposed to go into your workout focused, it doesn’t hurt to engage in a little conversation here and there.

Having a workout buddy is not something that you have to do. It is all about personal preference. But I can say that from experience, working out with another person or a group of people can really provide you with that extra boost of energy and motivation you need.

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