Regina King Encourages Black Women To Date Other Races

By: Taren Vaughan

In the entertainment industry, there are plenty of celebrities that date outside of their race. Actress Regina King has expressed that she sees absolutely no problem with it. And she has made it a point to convince other African American women that there is nothing wrong with dating a man that isn’t black.

King believes that some of us give too many excuses as to why we don’t give man of other races a chance. Here is what she had to say:

“They never really say it’s because he’s White, or because he’s Spanish or something like that. It’ll be more like, ‘Well, you know he works at such and such, and our schedules don’t match.’ But we’ll know really what it is. It’s ’cause he’s White.”

Is Regina King on to something? Should be step outside of our comfort zone and date men of other races? Or is it not as realistic for African American women as she may make it out to be?


  1. Black women should just love whoever loves us. It's not complex at all. If a man of another race approaches and he has his stuff together, why turn him away? I definitely don't care if a black man doesn't want me, I rather focus on the black, asian, white, latino, etc. men who do. Just my thoughts.

  2. While dating out of your race is becoming common, we as women of color should be aware of when to step out of a relationship as well. Many of us go into relationships with all the right intentions. As soon as we hit that year or second year relationship with our boyfriend we think we should have a more committed future, such as an engagement ring or marriage. Ignoring signs like name calling, lack of motivation, hindering one's dream's by wanting you to wait on him/her career first, seperation from family, and slighting one another with the words that come out of mouth, oh let's not forget the physical part of it such as hitting, beating, punching or pushing. We must not except something or tolerate something more because he's a white, hispanic,black or asian man. Some us black women think that just because we found or shall I say that another race found us marriable or pretty that they have found the " pot of gold". Not necessarily true. What you think it greener on the otherside is really not that green. I don't speak of something unless I have experienced it. I was married to a man of caucasian race, simply because I wasn't brought up to dislike certain races. Now that I'm divorced I have a new perspective in dating men out of my race. My eyes are open and I don't ignore the "RED" signs. If you choose to date out of your race and it doesn't go right, don't say I will never date so and so people again. Look at as if that "PERSON" was just not the right person for you.

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