Confirmed: Alicia Keys Is Pregnant By Swizz Beatz

By: Amanda Anderson

Who didn’t see this coming? Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and actress Alicia Keys is pregnant. While the urban blogs have been speculating for weeks that she and beau producer Swizz Beatz are expecting, Keys has been silent and wearing an awful lot of belts around her belly lately. According to to her representative, Keys is officially ending the shenanigans and officially letting the public know that she is indeed with child.

Her representative confirmed today that she and Swizzy are expecting a baby. While they haven’t said how far along she is in her pregnancy, the representative has also confirmed that the two are engaged and plan to marry later this year.

While they appear to be happy, one has to wonder if Keys could have done better. The two started their relationship on controversy, which resulted in Swizz Beatz divorcing his first wife Mashonda. We may not know all the details, but it also doesn’t help that Swizzy already has 3 other baby mommas.

So that makes the fabulous Alicia Keys baby momma number four for the mega producer.

I honestly wish them the best, but Swizz’s track record makes me a little nervous. I know we would all like to believe that Keys is beautiful enough to avoid a broken heart, but pain has no restrictions (just ask Halle Berry). Besides, didn’t he just have a baby with some other model type singer from Europe who is a year old (he’s been with Alicia Keys for two years)?

I just hope she keeps making good music.


  1. She could have done so much better! Four baby mommas?! Have we as women gotten this desperate? I mean seriously, if the tables were turned and she had 4 baby fathers, she would die alone. I am just saying, men have standards, so why don't we?

  2. I love alicia keys and hopes the best 4.dang. i can't believe it n dayumm he is so ugly….alicia is my hero and this is what she put herself under. it aite… goodluck and i'll always love her

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