Reggie Bush Accused of Accepting Extra Benefits While At USC

By: Taren Vaughan

Even though his collegiate career is far behind him, Reggie Bush could cost USC their 2004 championship. It was alleged that Bush and his family members were accepting gifts and money from agents while he was playing for USC. Clearly, this is a violation of the NCAA and the BCS as college athletes, under no circumstances, are to accept money, gifts, cars, clothes or other material possessions while they are playing for their respective universities. If Bush is found guilty, USC could be stripped of their 2004 championship title. Reggie Bush is one of the many players that has been said to have taken money and gifts. Remember LeBron and his “birthday” hummer? This is an issue that will never get old. For the Trojans sake, this Reggie Bush accusation will be proven untrue. Even if that is the case, USC is still receiving a lot of backlash for their lack of control when it comes to their student body as a whole.

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