Erykah Badu Says Cheating Is Not The End To Relationships

By: Taren Vaughan

Just a few months ago, Singer Erykah Badu was heavily criticized for her “Window Seat” music video. She will probably face even more criticism now as the Grammy award winning songstress recently discussed her views on infidelity in relationships.

On Whether Or Not Cheating Caused Break Ups In The Past:

“No. Infidelity is not a deal-breaker for me. We’re all born sexual beings. I myself am not someone with a very high libido. I don’t require sex for happiness – I need companionship. I need a partner I can depend on, that I can love and grow with. But I do understand the nature of these men I’ve been with, and men in general. They have a need to chase.”

On Her Tolerance For Cheating:

In my own kind of way. I’m having to recondition my brain, ’cos the first thing I got was a doll named Barbie and she had Ken and that’s how it was supposed to be. You’re conditioned to think that way, and when it doesn’t happen you feel you’re a failure. What we have in common, me and the brothers I’ve known, is that we are all trying to evolve.

“We talk a lot about things that men want. Because I want them to be happy and the more I see how the male of the species behaves, the more I understand, and the less I blame him. It’s just who he is. Is there a solution?” “Honesty is it. It will get you everywhere. Mind you, I have friends who are in polygamous relationships – they’re no more happy or sad than we are. But at least the b*tches know what’s comin’ next!”

Now we can’t be all that surprised about these comments. Erykah Badu is a very free spirit so her tolerance of infidelity should not be too shocking. But how many of you agree with Ms. Badu’s views on infidelity? Is cheating really not as bad as we make it out to be? Or is Erykah Badu by herself on this one?


  1. I disagree completely. With the current AIDS/HIV epidemic in the country, AIDS is most definitely the end to relationships for me. I enjoy her music, but when she opens up her mouth to discuss relationships and other issues, it really makes me shudder a little. But whatever floats her boat I guess.

  2. Bit disappointed to hear this from one of my favourite artists. Definitely respect this from her point of view though – each to their own.

    However, personally don’t like the concept/message being conveyed here. It feels like, while one partner is doing their thing, the other just has to accept it. If you are with someone who makes you *accept* their hurtful behaviour, you need to feel the pain and get out. They just aren’t the right one for you. I don’t think that we should be telling ourselves, “oh, men/women are just like that”… that’s the most unhealthy state to be in… we’re not cavemen/women anymore… time to wake up.

    If that’s your thing, then that’s your thing. But if it’s not your thing, don’t just sit around assuming that everyone is like that. We’re not.

    When you’re with someone in a proper relationship, don’t you want to make them as happy as possible? If you know that you would never hurt them intentionally, then why would you accept them doing it to you?

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