Straight Cooning (Groupie Edition): Why Does Kat Stacks Grab Your Attention?

Why is Kat Stacks important?

By: Amanda Anderson

What is it about video girls and groupie chicks that cause such a stir on the popular urban blogs? It’s not like we aren’t used to seeing beautiful women with an obvious case of low self-esteem become prostitutes to some of the biggest names in the rap game. And it was just a few years ago that the world was introduced to one of the most ratchet women ever and the Queen of all Video Vixens, Karrine Steffans. But somehow after two successful books on industry whoring (courtesy of Ms. Steffans) and a pretty pathetic VH1 documentary on the sad lives of these young women, we still seem to give these “women” way more attention than they deserve. And I just have to ask, why is that?

Now before you tell me that you pay little attention to the newest “Superhead” Kat Stacks, let’s talk about the reality that the web statistics shows. For one thing, Kat Stacks went from an unknown groupie to a household name in a few days. After having many casual and paid encounters with the Young Money crew and other popular rappers, she created a blog and posted entries on their sex skills. She also went into detail on how much money she made from each encounter, all while enduring many threats from some pretty guilty well known artists such as Bow Wow.

Although her blog was only a few days old, she managed to attract millions of hits.

The blog is a few months old now, and Kat Stacks has been the topic of discussion on just about every major black blog in the business. Readers can’t get her off their minds, and rappers wish she never happened.

But what’s the most startling thing that just continues to baffle me?

She has invoked a high level of anger among men (particularly rappers) that makes me question if the mistreatment she has been receiving is well deserved. A few days ago, rapper Bow Wow sent some of his goons to “handle” Kat Stacks for her recent remarks on their past encounters. These “men” slapped, push, and verbally assaulted the young woman to a point that made the video uncomfortable to watch.

And what I don’t understand is why these rappers are angry when they made an obvious choice to pay this woman for sex. While we can all agree that prostitution is classless no matter who participates in the act, why isn’t anyone disgusted at these “men” for having the audacity to sleep and pay a woman for sex? Why is it acceptable for rappers to partake in these activities but the females involved somehow become the topic of disgust?

Personally, I find any man that feels the need to pay for sex absolutely disgusting and to be the nastiest piece of scum on the bottom of my stilettos. If Kat Stacks is a slut, any man that willingly sleeps with her deserves the same label.

What hurts most is that Kat Stacks was a trending topic for two days on Twitter. Our economy is still in shambles, BP hasn’t handled that oil spill in The Gulf, and countless statistics come out each week claiming that the African American community is in trouble; yet we are more concerned with the affairs of Kat Stacks.

Maybe it’s the train wreck factor. Is it that Kat Stacks is such a horrible disaster that we can’t help but keep our eyes on her although we wish to turn away and look at something else?

If that is the case, maybe we need a serious surge of will power. There will be many more Kat Stacks’ and Karrine Steffans’ of the world, but it surely doesn’t mean they deserve our undivided attention.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to give my attention to the black women who actually love themselves enough to never place a price tag on their self-worth. How about you?


  1. You make some valid points. These urban blogs only give us what we want, and we want ignorance. I have had to purge a lot of those blogs out of my life because the ignorance on the comment boards were absolutely draining me and ruining my mentality. And I'm tired of people like Kat Stacks drawing more attention than people who are actually trying to do something positive.And I'm with you regarding the fellas. If men sleep with a slut, they are sluts too.

  2. Media Take Out basically brought this chick to the forefront. And the other blogs followed suit. She's famous for being a prostitute and it's really a shame. But I agree with the other posters, sometimes you just have to take a step back from these black blogs. They are posting mostly poison, and it has affected us more than we realize. They have changed for the worst.

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