Couples That Could Work: Alicia Keys and Andre 3000

In another life, Alicia Keys and Andre 3000 could be soul mates.

By: Amanda Anderson

Just a few days after singer Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beatz have confirmed their engagement and pregnancy; I like many others, wonder if these two really are as compatible as they need to be to withstand a marriage. I am guilty of placing Keys on an undeserved pedestal for her many women’s empowerment themed songs and superior piano skills, and find it hard to see Swizz Beatz being an evenly yoked match to the powerhouse that is Alicia Keys. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t know these two personally, so I can’t be so certain that they aren’t a match made in heaven. Nonetheless, I am a firm believer that the conditions in which one’s relationship was formed plays a huge factor in its outcome. And since these two began as an affair (allegedly) that caused Beatz to leave his first wife, the future for these two doesn’t look so promising.

This leads me to question who would be a great match for Alicia Keys. Many great candidates came to mind, such as Common, John Legend, and a few others; but Andre 3000 really stuck out as a potential match. Here are a few reasons why he and Keys could work.

The Intellect Factor

Both Alicia Keys and Andre 3000 are intellectuals. In school, Alicia Keys made good grades and even graduated high school as the class valedictorian at the tender age of 16. Her intellect is one of the main reasons she has such a huge interest in international events that led to the founding of her non-profit organization.

Andre 3000’s intellect is so apparent that it always seems to come through in his lyrics. Just like Keys, he has a deep interest in current events, with politics drawing most of his attention.

Why this works: These two could naturally intrigue one another based on their intellect. Together, they would have stimulating conversations and encourage each other to think outside the box on many different issues.

Who doesn’t want a partner that could stimulate them mentally?

The Creative Factor

Talent is something these two have in common. Keys has been playing classical music on the piano since she was seven years old, and writes her own songs, and even arranges her own music.

Andre 3000 began as a rapper, but has evolved as an artist who plays many instruments including the guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica, and violin.

Why this works: Creative people tend work better with other creative people. These two would constantly encourage each other to remain creative and understand/encourage their talents.

The Zodiac Factor

Alicia Keys is an Aquarius woman, while Andre 3000 is a Gemini. A relationship between an Aquarius and Gemini is one based solely on harmony. Both signs enjoy each other’s ability to intellectually stimulate the other. Great conversations are everything to both the Gemini and the Aquarius. Their creative traits, talents, and passions will make interesting conversations; while their concern for the world around them will make for meaningful ones.

The Rundown

A relationship between Alicia Keys and Andre 3000 would be a harmonious one. Both are creative intellectuals with a passion for the world around them. They crave good conversation and share many of the same view points of life. Not only will they have a life full of passion together, they also could have a relationship based on the most solid foundation of all relationships: friendship.

What can you learn from this prospective couple?

The best relationships begin with solid friendships. And the best friendships are a product of two people who share the same interests, view points, and needs. If you are an individual that needs and requires great conversation in order to have a healthy relationship, you will need to be with a partner who values conversation just as much as you do.

Creativity and passion draws and keeps two people together because they keep the two people interested in one another. It’s no coincidence that we fair better in relationships with people that encourage, understand, or share our creative interests, morals and talents.

Contrary to belief, opposites may attract, but rarely do they stay together. As we get older, we tend to seek partners that we have a lot of things in common with. By doing so, we increase our chances of having partners that understand us. This makes a relationship more peaceful.

The Reality

Alicia Keys has chosen Swizz Beatz rather we like it or not. I can’t honestly say I feel like he’s on her level, but if she plans to marry him, just maybe he is. One thing’s for sure, we all are guilty of feeling like he just isn’t the best she could do. But maybe we should apply all of that energy (and well deserved opinions) to our own relationships, and just maybe we could end up with people we are equally yoked to.


  1. This was really cute. I think they would make an excellent couple also. I like how you broke down their compatibilities based off their personalities and zodiac signs. I won't lie, Alicia Keys could have done way better than Swizz Beatz. Good job.

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